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Code of best practice for Romanian trade

The Government decided to draw up and put into practice a code of good practice in retail trade, answering thus to the divergences between farmers, producers and hypermarket networks.
The hypermarket networks managed to bring to bankruptcy all agricultural producers in a couple of years, forcing them to sell their merchandise at lower prices than the necessary costs.
The practices of retailers also affect the consumers, the prices being increased by numerous taxes applied to the products, such as the store entry tax, the shelf tax, the protection tax.
Taxes are written down in confidential contracts imposed on producers, the main retailers stealing them some of the money, introduced in the sale price, but the producers do not receive them, writes daily Economistul.

Answering to these accusations, the Association of Big Retail Networks in Romania said that the super and hypermarket networks obtain profits under 5 percent of turnover, and the causes of food price increases must be looked into the production chain.
The Association agreed with the introduction of a code of good practice, as long as the negotiation freedom is not limited and the producers’ profit rate does not increase, which would increase the final price.
The state’s institutions – the consumer’s protection and the competition council – are to intervene through firm monitoring of the market and to regulate the relations between producers, providers and big retailers, so that the usual food products would reach the shelves at acceptable prices for Romanians, with wages much below the EU average.
After the measures are introduced in the code, the markup should be written down for each product sold by the 16 super and hypermarkets member of the Association: Altex, Billa, Bricostore, Carrefour, Romania Hypermarche-Cora, Diverta, DOMO, Flamingo, La Fourmi, Delhaize, Mega Image, Mobexpert, Praktiker, Selgros. Metro and Real are to join the Association in the next future.
The code of good practice should be put into practice before all the agricultural producers go bankrupt and leave the market, letting in deserted to the invasion of import product sold at monopole prices, to the consumers’ detriment, daily Economistul concludes.

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