Four-fold bigger funds for entrepreneurship development in 2008

Funds allocated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for a steady development amount at 38.6 million euros in 2008 and are almost four times higher than the ones allocated to this sector in 2007, according to data provided by the Ministry for SMEs, Trade, Tourism and Liberal Professions (MIMMCTPL) through the Applicant’s Guide for the European Funds operating in SMEs sector.
The amount of 38.6 million euros includes both European funds and the amounts from the state and local budgets. In the budget destined to small and medium-sized companies for the entrepreneurship development in 2008, the European Union contribution is of 26.2 million euros, state budget contribution is of 5.52 million euros and the one from the local budgets – 842,042 euros.
Funds allocated to SMEs sector for the entrepreneurship development stood at 10.1 million euros in 2007 and the EU contribution at 4.1 million euros.

For 2007 through 2013 an amount of 449.6 million euros is earmarked, of which the EU contribution reaches 302.5 million euros.
Companies are set to receive funds for the programs run in the framework of the two operations – Support for consolidation and modernization of the productive sector through tangible and intangible investments and Consultancy support granted to SMEs.
The eligible expenditure includes the land acquisition, spending for buildings and installations afferent to constructions, buildings upgrading, acquisition of installations and equipment, IT applications, patents, know-how, consultancy services acquisition, strategies defining.
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