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Head-hunting, business of 50 million euro

The revenues of the recruitment firms in Romania are estimated at some 100 million euro in 2008 and half of these funds come from head-hunting, say the human resources (HR) specialists.
The representatives of this industry say a good head-hunter obtains at least 10,000 euros for a finalized project.
The gains obtained by the head-hunting specialists are among the biggest in the HR consultancy, says Corina Diaconu, managing director at ABC Human Capital. They usually charge fees starting at minimum 10,000 euros per finalized project. Thus, if an experienced professional does 40-50 such projects in one year, the revenues obtained are sizable.
Diaconu says the HR market will draw in 2008 important sums and the money will not come only to the head-hunters.

In the past years, the companies’ perception of the recruitment firms has changed. The HR specialists have come to be seen as important elements in the development of a business. As expected, the demand for such services has risen especially on the segment of head hunting.
In an attempt to identify the best candidates, the firms are willing to pay big sums to some relevant professionals.
Corina Diaconu considers that in most cases the companies regard head-hunting as the only viable solution for drawing some employees with potential. Moreover, the traditional recruitment methods are practically ignored.
The boom in the head-hunting has been triggered by several factors. The first and most important is related to the personnel shortage on the local market. Moreover, very many foreign companies have expanded to Romania and they are the main clients of such services.

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