Investments in building, IT, healthcare and financial services

The Romanian private equity funds plan to invest about 300 million euros in building, IT, healthcare and financial services, this year. Private equity funds such as Advent International, AIG, GED Enterprises Investors and Oresa Ventures invested round 250 million euros in local projects, in 2007. Oresa Ventures invested 8 million euros in La Fantana producer of noncarbonated spring mineral water, in 2001 and it increased four times its profit in six years.
Advent International’s takeover of LaborMed, a pharmaceuticals company having Romanian capital, and Bengoss Comimpex (making mortar and adhesives, importing and distributing ceramic tiles and sanitary items), as well as Global Finance Investments Fund’s exit from La Fourmi store chain, or Broadhurst’s from the Winmarkt shopping center network have been the biggest businesses the private equity investment funds have signed, since early this year.
UK Permira risk capital investments company, in its turn, is analysing acquisition opportunities in Romania.
New big investment companies are expected to bring over 1 billion euros to southeastern Europe in 2008, say European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) officials, important investors with risk capital on the Romanian market of the past 15 years.
Big funds will enter Romania in partnership with others, already present in the region, such as Innova Capita and EI, AIG New Europe Fund ex-manager Valeriu Ionescu said.
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