Media market in Romania to increase 20-25 percent in 2008

The media market in Romania will increase some 20-25 percent in 2008, from 2007, reaching around 575 million euros.
The growth rate will be kept in 2009, but it will decrease to 15-20 percent in 2010, said Ruxandra Stefan, new business head of Media Direction. In her opinion, the factors supporting the rising trend in 2007 were Romania’s EU accession and the economic changes of late.
Stefan believes the local media market is competitive, although very fragmented.
The foreign investment in various fields and the increasing number of international companies which have come to Romania have led to a diversification in the communication needs, to the appearance of new advertisers, to a rise in the budgets for media communication.
Stefan also said that 2008 would bring the consolidation at the media buying level of the main international media groups present in Romania.

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