Romania is the most attractive investment destination, according to ZEW survey

Over a third of foreign investors interviewed in a survey conducted by the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) stressed that Romania is the most attractive investment company. At the same time, 61 percent of investors deem that Romania is the most active country in the region in the outlook of mergers and acquisitions, according to ZEW survey.
The polled managers said Germany and Austria are the most active investors in Central and Eastern Europe, both states having major interests in Romania.
Germany is Romania’s main commercial partner, whereas Austria is the biggest foreign investor.
The ZEW survey shows that the investors’ opinion about Eastern and Central Europe has improved over the past months, because at the beginning of the year they were pessimist and sceptical about Romanian and the countries in the region.
However, foreign investors still consider Romania’s economic situation as rather negative and the same way are perceived the short-term perspectives.
For Romania, foreigners continue to see an acceleration of inflation, rise in short-term and long-term interest rates, a potential upturn of the capital market and the continuation of the depreciation of leu as against the euro.
According to the answers of foreign investors, only 4.5 percent consider Romania’s current situation as good, 68.2 percent consider it acceptable and 27.3 percent deem it is negative.
Referring to the immediate expectations on Romania’s economy, investors answered that they forecast an enhancement of 20 percent alone, whereas 40 percent do not predict negative changes.
At the same time, most investors (44.4 percent of the answers) said they expected inflation acceleration, a rise in short-term interest rates (65.8 percent, but also in long-term interest rates (44.1 percent), an enhancement of the stock exchange (42.1 percent) and a depreciation of leu (36.6 percent).
As many as 37 percent of investors consider Romania is the most attractive destination of the entire region, ahead of Poland (34 percent), the Czech Republic and Hungary (6 percent).

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