Transactions on FMCG market and hospitality industry

Transactions worth over half a billion euros were concluded in 2007 on the market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and the Romanian hospitality industry, with a significant rise being predicted for this year.
The takeover of Bere Mures by Heineken Romania opened the 2008 transactions in food industry. Therefore, Heineken ensured the position of leader on the beer market and each of the six shareholders of Bere Mures became richer by 12 million euros.
Last year, the sole transaction whose value stood at some 100 million euros was the acquisition of Kandia-Excelent, chocolate maker by Cadbury Schweppes. Also in 2007, investment fund SigmaBleyzer took over Covalact (dairy maker) in Sfantu Gheorghe (center).

In retail, the French group Carefour entered the segment of supermarkets by the takeover of Artima chain.
The investment funds were active last year also in the segment of consumer goods with seven transactions concluded. The most important deal carried out by an investment fund took place on the market of electronics and home appliances where Lynx Property, subsidiary of investment fund Equest Investment Balkans bought Domo retailer in exchange for 75 million euros.
In the hospitality industry, tourism agency Happy Tour, the biggest company at national level in terms of turnover, was bought by Spanish investment fund GED Eastern Fund II. Other acquisition contracts were signed between Unita Turism, which took over Olimp Estival and Africa Israel, owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev purchased four hotels in Bucharest for 18 million euros.
Austrian Warimpex paid 15 million euros for the four-star hotel Golden Tulip Sky Gate, situated near Henri Coanda (Otopeni) airport in Bucharest and the PPF Investments bought shares in Continental hotel chain.

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