AVAS changes deadline for submission of bids for Avioane Craiova

The State Assets Realisation Authority (AVAS) has decided to move up the deadline for the submission of purchase bids for the Craiova-based Avioane aircraft manufacturer, from April 17 to May 9, reads a press release issued by AVAS.
Access to the data chamber was also moved up to May 8, 2008.
Thus, the unsealing of the bids will take place on May 9, 2008, at the main office of AVAS, in the presence of all bidders.
AVAS says its decision is reply to investors’ request that a proper auditing of the company be performed.
AVAS also says it has informed the European Commission on the content of the privatisation announcement and the presentation file, mentioning that the two entities are exchanging information about the latest developments in the proceedings.
AVAS is selling 80.97 percent in Avioane. The privatisation is carried out through negotiations on final, improved and irretrievable bids.
Avioane Craiova was established in 1972, with its main object being aircraft and ship manufacturing and repairing. The company is the sole producer in Romania of military aircraft and of Romanian Air Forces’ IAR 99 SOIM training aircraft compatible with NATO standards.
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