BNR Governor: We have the ingredients to continue the economic growth

The Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu assured that Romania can continue the economic growth in 2008, but warns that macroeconomic indexes must be balanced.
"We have all the ingredients to continue the economic growth, but we must keep the balance," Isarescu told a press conference organized at Romanian-British Chamber of Trade.

The Governor reminded that the current account deficit remains under BNR’s attention, but does not represent a major issue as long as it is 61 percent covered by foreign direct investment.
"In January 2008, the current account deficit reached 1.1 billion euro, up 16.8 percent, but it is covered in proportion of 61 percent," said Isarescu.
He reaffirmed that the annual inflation, February to February, was 7.9 percent, while the annual average rate was 5.5 percent.
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