Construction materials more expensive by the day

The construction materials offered by the Romanian market are getting more expensive by the day, with the higher prices referring the cement market, which saw prices growing some 12 percent, as well as the wrought bar and other materials such as roof tiles and adhesives.
The price rises follow last year’s trend, when cement, for example, sold for 10 percent more than in 2006.

The most recent announcement of higher prices for materials was made by Celco, one of the biggest local producers of breeze block (BCA), which said it would hike prices 10 percent.
Celco marketing manager Irina Odor explained that factors such as increased costs related to raw materials, fuels and energy may influence the price of BCA, mortar or adhesives in the upcoming period.
The employers’ association in the construction sector predicts the prices for materials will climb up to 20 percent in the first six months of this year alone, as a result of more expensive fuels and electricity.
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