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Contactoare Buzau exports more than 43 percent of production

More than 43 percent of the 2007 production of Contactoare SA Buzau contactor maker (southeastern Romania) was exported, Nicolae Maxim, general manager of the company said in an interview with Bursa daily.
Starting in 2002, Contactoare Buzau switched on profit. In 2007 the company posted 10.2 million lei (or 2.9 million euros) in turnover and 1.8 million lei (516 thousands euros) in profit.
The products made by Contactoare Buzau had as main clients companies of national interest, and also companies from Germany and Spain.
Nicolae Maxim also said the demand on the domestic market is currently eyeing an upward trend, both in terms of low power devices and electric equipment. The increase in this segment stood in the latest three years at some 5 percent per year. The company manager added the growth pace is to be maintained in 2008.
The company was set up back in 1975, as Intreprinderea de Contactoare Buzau.
The company produces low voltage electric equipment, single-phase and three-phase transformers, electro-technical equipment etc.
Taking into account the demand on the domestic market, which appears to continue on an upward trend, the company wants to relaunch production of such low power devices, with the quality and competitiveness level to equal such products from import, Maxim says.
The company aims at hitting 13.6 million lei (3.9 million euros) in the 2008 turnover, by 33.1 percent more than the turnover in 2007.
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