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Fuels market to record significant growth in next two-three years, Petrom marketing manager says

Romania ranks among the countries with the highest growth pace in terms of sales of fuels in Europe. Nevertheless, such sustained growth is to last two or three more years, until the market reaches maturity and other countries, such as Serbia for instance, will overtake it, Petrom oil company marketing manager Tamas Mayer told Adevarul daily.
He also estimated the fuels market in Romania stood at 5.5 million tonnes last year, that is an increase by at least 10-12 percent on the previous year. Compared with 2006, the growth stood at 7-10 percent, according to the estimates made by the Petrom official. In 2008, the market might grow by 10-15 percent. "In other words, the market is currently eying a quite aggressive development. It is a significant development pace the one we are talking about, one of the highest and fastest in Europe, with such markets as the Austrian and German growing by only 2 percent a year," Tamas Mayer stressed.
The Petrom marketing manager predicts this trend will maintain in the next two or three years.

"In the EU, there is an average 350 cars for one thousand people. In Romania, the average stands somewhere around 230-250 cars, according to my estimates, with room still existing for such increases to hit the European average."
With regard to the non-oil products, they ensure 10-15 percent of the company’s net income per station, with their weight to double up to 30 percent in the next three-five years, the Petrom official said. The sales of non-oil products increased by 260 percent in the latest three years, which represents a huge growth pace.
In terms of retail investments, in the latest three years they stood at 200 million euros. "We have opened 150 new stations and we are to build 70 more this year, with the investments to reach some 90-100 million euros. There will not all be Petrom-V stations, but a combination with a smaller type of station, which we call Petrom Light," Mayer says.
He also mentioned Petrom focuses for the moment on Romania and on Serbia, adding the latter is also a good market. "Serbia has a great potential and I think in the next two or three years we will overtake the growth pace in Romania," the Petrom official said.

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