Private education, profitable business in Romania

Private education is one of the most profitable businesses in Romania. Those courageous enough after 1989 to make private offers in education reaped the fruits of this inspired idea. A university, for example, gets from fees at least three million euros annually. According to data from the Ministry of Education, there are 364,584 students of 28 accredited private institutions in Romania.
Universities are the most important area of private education in Romania. Immediately after the Revolution of Dec. 1989, with a higher and higher demand for seats in universities, the first such institutions were set up. Most of them were created on the basis of foundations operating under a law dating back to the period between the two world wars, in 1924.

Spiru Haret is one of the best-known universities in Romania, notably due to its low fees. First pro-rector Constantin Mecu said his university has the lowest fees worldwide. A student pays around 250 euros annually, on the average.
Another known university is Dimitrie Cantemir, where some 25,000 people study annually, paying fees between 400 and 1,100 euros. Founded in 1990, it was among the first such universities in Romania.
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