Rents for new apartments range between 500 and 4,000 euros

Rents for the new apartments in Bucharest are ranging between 500 and 4,000 euros, according to the rental ads posted on specialized sites, Cotidianul daily reports on April 9.
Almost 40 percent of the new apartments were bought by investors and they offer such dwellings located in new complexes in Bucharest for rent.
For instance, for a two-room apartment, situated in a new block in Prelungirea Ghencea zone, the owner asks for 500-700 euros per month. Another finalized residential complex is Jupiter, on Oltenitei Road. Here, for a two-room apartment the rent is of 650 euros per month. The average price in the zone is of approximately 450 euros. In Confort Park, a residential complex raised in Vitan-Barzesti zone, the rental price is of 700 euros for a two-room apartment.

Quadra Place is a well-sold complex also due to the small starting prices. At present, for a oneroom apartment the rent is of 500 euros per months and for a three-room one – 900-1,000 euros per month.
In the case of luxury buildings, rents are even higher. According to Esop real estate Co., for a one-room apartment the rent is 800-1,200 euros per month, and for a two-room it rises to 1,200-1,800 euros per month. For a three-room apartment the rent ranges between 1,800-2,500 euros per month and for a four-room the rent tops 2,800-4,000 euros per month.
Real estate analysts say that the offers in the case of new apartments are posted by investors who still hesitate to sell these properties.
"I think that investors who look forward to a better sale momentum are trying to rent these apartments. Maybe, they hope to reap a higher profitability rate in the future", underlined spokesman of the Romanian Real Estate Agencies Association Ion Radu Zilisteanu.
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