Roman Brasov to assemble trucks in Dubai

Roman Brasov truck maker, (centre), could reach one billion euros in turnover in the next five years, after it starts assembling trucks in Dubai in 2009.
The company estimates its production in Dubai could stand at 6-700 million euros, whereas orders from the Romanian market now exceed 300 million euros.
The plant in Brasov won in 2005 a tender for supplying a few hundred trucks to the US troops in Iraq. Roman Co. made in 2006 exports to its US partner worth 75 million dollars, and in 2007 half of Roman’s production went to the US troops in Iraq.

Many Arab businessmen had words of praise for the Romanian trucks.
Under a partnership with Israeli El-Bit Co., which is cooperating with Eurocopter Romania for equipping the helicopters for the Arab military forces, Roman Co. will manufacture some 2,000 Henvy trucks.
Roman Co. is owned by Pro Roman Co., which holds 91.41 percent of its shares, AVAS Privatization Agency, 3.08 percent, and other shareholders, among which Transylvania University in Brasov, 5.4 percent.
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