Romsilva estimates gross profit of 88.5 million lei

The National Forestry Corporation (RNP) Romsilva estimates a gross profit of 88.5 million lei in 2008, according to an order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development approving the 2008 revenue and expense budget of RNP Romsilva.
The net profit estimated for 2008 amounts to 75.24 million lei, total revenues are planned to be 1.431 billion lei and expenses, 1.34 billion lei (1 euro=3.71 lei).
The expenses for investments estimated for 2008 in the revenue and expense budget amount to 305.8 million lei, more than last year, when they amounted to 197.836 lei.
The investments are largely financed from budget sources, about 87 million lei, from own sources, 77.099 million lei, and from domestic and foreign bank loans, 50 million lei. Other sources offered 91.7 million lei, of which 13.9 million lei from the forestry development project in keeping with Law No 400/2003, the amelioration fund, 36 million lei, and from the extra-budget fund for building forest roads, 41.73 million lei.
RNP Romsilva works under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
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