Zuzu, one of best sold brands of dairy industry

Less than two years after it was launched on the market, the Zuzu brand, which is in the portfolio of the dairy producer Albalact, managed to become market leader on the segment of pasteurised fresh milk, making its decisive contribution to the increase in the Albalact turnover by 45 percent last year.
Albalact had already managed to make itself conspicuous among the small dairy producers in 2004 after putting on the market the UHT milk under the Fulga brand, meant especially for mothers and children. After one year and a few new sorts, the Romanian company that had a more than 30-year long tradition on the market came to be one of the first five dairy producers and made the UHT milk consumption in Romania increase by 30 percent. Shortly afterwards the Albalact representatives decided to make the same movement and launched the new product, Zuzu.
In early 2006 Zuzu put on the market a range of fresh dairy products meant for young people, in an innovating wrapping, which immediately caught consumers’ eyes.

The Zuzu brand and its range of milk products were launched at a time when the extension on the segment of the fresh dairy products had already begun to be a development opportunity, considering the Romanians’ consumption habits that increasingly tended to natural, healthy products.
Zuzu was regarded as a high-quality Romanian brand.
At present Zuzu includes more than 20 sorts of fresh pasteurised dairy produce (fresh milk, butter milk, sana, sour cream, three kinds of natural yoghurts with various fat levels, four kinds of yoghurts with fruit and five sorts of yoghurts to be drunk), these are the latest Zuzu products, which were launched in early 2008.
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