Men making up most of Romanias workforce

Romania’s workforce is made up mostly of men, daily Adevarul reports. Human resources analysts argue the high percentage of male workers may be explained by some sexism at play, but also by the fact that women prefer to devote themselves to family life more often than not.
Hart Human Resources Consulting officer Madalina Stoica says there are certain labour fields in Romania that are predominantly preferred by either men or women. Men are said to prefer technical fields – IT, the automotive industry, banks, construction, real estate, and telecommunications – while women are attracted to fields such as human resources, communication and public relations, journalism, finance, advertising and the light industry.
As regards the jobs of men and women in a company, they also differ accordingly. Men are mostly found in the sales, technical support and service departments, while women are preponderantly found in the support departments – human resources, juridical, marketing and accounting departments.

Qipa Romania Managing Partner Ioana Pielescu says pragmatic jobs are mainly for men, while creative jobs are for women.
Retail trade is a filed mostly preferred by women in Romania, and women are many times also a majority among hotel staff.
Men in key positions in a company are making up a majority. Stocia says that in most activity fields there is a tendency toward promoting men to top management positions – director general, executive director, sales director, IT director. She explains that the preponderance of men in top management positions is also explained by the fact that there are still few women really wanting such positions.
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