Ryanair aims at competing with TAROM

Irish airline Ryanair – which operated the first flight from Romania on April 1 – aims at outpacing in the coming years the number of passengers of the national airline TAROM, which has an annual traffic of over 1 million passages.
Tomasz Kulakowski, Ryanair sales manager for Central Europe, said in an interview published in the April 9 issue of Business Standard that although it is a low-cost company, Ryanair considers its main competitor in Romania is TAROM. Kulakowski estimates Ryanair will transport 60 million passengers this year. The company will inaugurate the Arad – Milan – Bergamo route on April 10 and the Constanta – Pisa one on April 18, with the number of passengers in the first year of operation being estimated at 80,000.
The Irish manager opines the costs of Tarom are big and the average price of the tickets should be much higher than the Ryanair ones for staying in business.
On the other hand, the potential of Central Europe and of a country such as Romania remains very high, Kulakowski said. He compares Romania with Poland, where Ryanair started the operations in March 2005 and currently has 50 international routes with over 3 million passengers annually.

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