Sen. Sorin Oprescu resigns from PSD

Senator Sorin Oprescu on Monday resigned from the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) and from all the positions he held in the party and he is to run as an independent for Bucharest mayor.
After having lodged his resignation, Oprescu confessed it had not been easy to do that, given he joined the PSD in 1995.
"After so many years, it is hard, I am a leftist deep inside my soul, and I'm not going to change at my age, I've never been a political tourist and I'm not going to change my party," Oprescu pointed out.
He said that the PSD told him "no" while the citizens told him "yes" through the signatures they gave to back up his candidature for Bucharest mayor. According to Oprescu, his candidature will not "cannibalize" the votes for the Social Democrats because each is to elect the favorite.
"I have never wanted to run as an independent, but to put up a good fight, but when I saw I was rejected the right to contest in the fight, along with the political context, I decided to run as an independent (…) It is hard when you run alone in a race. But it happened to me before in my life even it was not formally acknowledged (…). I have nothing to reproach the PSD and I have no intention to harm it either, or be in a position to wrong people I have been cooperating with for 16 years," Oprescu said.

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