Race for Bucharest mayor sees 14 contestants

As many as 14 contestants have fielded candidacy for mayor of the Romanian capital, out of whom 13 are party members, and one – Senator Sorin Oprescu – runs as an independent.
A few hours before the deadline for fielding the candidacies in the June 1 local polls expires at midnight on Tuesday, 11 parties have registered their lists of candidates for the Bucharest General Council at the Municipal Election Bureau, totalling more than 540 councillor-hopefuls. Two parties failed to field candidates for Bucharest mayor, namely the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and the Association of Macedonians in Romania.
The opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) will be represented in the electoral battle for Bucharest mayor by Vasile Blaga. The party's top contestants for Bucharest councillors include District 3 mayor Liviu Negoita and Bucharest deputy mayors Razvan Murgeanu and Ioan Popa.
The ruling Liberals have fielded the candidacy of Transportation Minister Ludovic Orban. The party's candidates for Bucharest councillors include Stefan Meran, Robert Grigorescu, Ion Tanase, Florin Alexandru and Cornel Poterasu.
The opposition Social Democrats' runner for the Bucharest City Hall is Senator Cristian Diaconescu; the party's top candidates for Bucharest councillors are District 5 mayor Marian Vanghelie, Minica Boaja, Cristian Georgescu and Doina Barcau.
Former Social Democrat Sorin Oprescu filed his candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall on Tuesday, running as an independent. He said he sees himself as a politically independent mayor, but one depending on the Bucharest residents.

The opposition Greater Romania Party (PRM) has fielded Senator Verginia Verdinas for the capital's top position. The party's list of candidates for Bucharest councillors include Irina Loghin, Victor Iovici, Adrian Roseti, Nicusor Stan and Mihaela Ionescu.
The opposition Conservatives seek to win the elections for Bucharest mayor by Codrin Stefanescu, who has said he wants Senator Marius Marinescu to be his deputy, if he wins. Other Conservative candidates for the capital councillors are Victor Adir and Alina Moise.
Leader of the National Initiative Party (PIN) Cozmin Gusa filed his candidacy at the Municipal Election Bureau by means of party representatives, as by his absence he sought to protest over the Central Election Bureau's decisions, which barred him from running for the alliance with the Bucharesters called Cozmin's List and rejected the logo he wanted to put on the ballot paper that said 'We are fed up with their stealing from us'.
The candidate of the non-parliamentary Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) for Bucharest mayor is Aurelian Pavelescu, who said he wants a decent pre-election campaign, based on projects, not on manipulation.
The non-parliamentary New Generation Party (PNG-CD) fields Daniel Fuciu.
Other contestants for Bucharest mayor are author Alexandru Vladu running for the Romanian People's Party; lawyer Adrian Vilau for the Christian Social People's Union; lawyer Gheorghe Dinu for the Party of the People and Social Protection; Dragos Frumosu for the Union of the Pensioners and Social Solidarity; Nicolae Varbanciu for the Romanian Socialist Party; and Geo Stroe for the Party of European Romania.
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