Tariceanu: New phase of Romanian-French cooperation is launched

Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu expressed conviction on Tuesday, at the end of talks with his French counterpart Francois Fillion, that the launching of a 'road map' within Romania – France strategic Partnership means entering a new phase in the process of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
'I wish to express satisfaction in connection with the excellent discussions we have had and for the launching of a road map within the strategic Partnership. I am sure that this ambitious project, based on joint proposals, will give a new impetus to the bilateral relations between the two countries, within the European Union, as well. We have inaugurated a new phase within the bilateral cooperation in the spirit of the opening made possible by the visit of President Nicholas Sarkozy to Bucharest', stated the Romanian Prime Minister.
Calin Popescu-Tariceanu underlined that the strategic Partnership's road map identifies all levels of cooperation between France and Romania – from the economic, political fields until the cultural and scientific ones, and the two sides are to establish a cooperation mechanism on the main elements contained by the European agenda, such as energy, regional development, transport, environment protection.
According to the Premier, the strategic Partnership is meant to contribute to the edification of a stronger, more prosperous Europe, serving its citizens' interest.
'I have convened with Prime Minister Francois Fillon to encourage participation of the French companies in the implementation of joint projects based on community structural funds', stated Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.
He added that, within the talks with his French counterpart, the main common points of interest from the prospect of the future French Presidency of the EU Council have been reviewed, as well.
'Romania and France have convergent views on numerous subjects on the international agenda, such as the Mediterranean region, energy and migration', stressed the Romanian Premier, who also said he discussed with Francois Fillon the development prospect of the European policy for security and defence. 'We fully support the French Presidency's objectives as regards the development of an European defence and of an European identity within NATO', said Tariceanu.
He also announced that a series of cooperation agreements on public administration, energy, environment protection and nuclear energy have been signed with the French side.
In his turn, the French Premier appreciated as positive the level attained by the bilateral relations with Romania, pointing out that the dialogue with his Romanian counterpart was realistic and substantial. He voiced satisfaction that Romania is a supporter of the objectives set forth by France for its mandate at the EU Council's helm.
Francois Fillon mentioned that the two sides agreed that, in the near future, the French Agency for Migration and the National Rroma Agency, in Bucharest will conclude an understanding by which to assure the readmission to Romania of the respective citizens, under best conditions. In this context, the Premier was keen to point out that the French labor market is open to Romanians.

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