Greek-Catholic Archbishop Muresan’s Easter Pastoral

In his Easter Pastoral, Greek-Catholic Archbishop Lucian Muresan voices hope that a time will come when the entire Christendom will celebrate together Lord Jesus' Resurrection, and urges the believers of all faiths to be strong in their believe in the Resurrection, 'lest chaos will forcefully and surreptitiously enter God's plans with the humankind'.
'With God's blessing, we have lived to celebrate this year the Passions and the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The largest share of Christendom celebrated Easter five weeks ago.
It is painful that the most important Christian holiday is still not celebrated at the same date.
That is why I wish all the faithful Christians to persistently pray for the entire Christendom to celebrate together Easter at the same time, in the not so distant future, because that would be a step forward toward Christian unity, to God's likening.

The church is the place of God pleasing prayers, the place of His presence amidst His wandering people on their way to the Kingdom, the place toward which Christians are headed more than once a year. The church should not be seen as a mere place, some sacred realm cut off from the profane that surrounds it, but rather as a meeting place for God's people, who celebrate the mysteries of salvation, a place for the presence of Jesus, the Resurrected One, among His people, a place where Christians partake, in their mortal world, of the joyous state of the things to come.
If we take a look at the calendar, we will see that the Sundays following Easter are not called Sundays after Easter, but Easter Sundays, a sign that the paschal mystery is not exhausted in one Sunday or one week. This is the expression of the fact that this mystery enwraps the entire human existence, the entire existence of creation, and that it has not and will not be exhausted for as long as this world endures.
The Risen One, Christ the Lord, is the One that never dies. He was, is and will forever be Lord. That is why the church prolongs Easter celebrations all the way to the Pentecost, and by doing so it imprints the living and always awake consciousness of the presence of the Risen One on the souls of Christians, as He, Jesus, is the key to the interpretation of the man's mysteries and the entire history.
All the liturgical rituals and hymns of this time of the year proclaim the reality and joy of Christ's Resurrection.
It is indeed in Jesus the Resurrected One that we have a guarantee for our own resurrection, while his passions and violent death on the cross is proof to the unbounded love He bestows on us.'
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