Patriarch Daniel’s Easter Pastoral Letter

Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church (BOR) highlights in this year's Easter Pastoral Letter the Divinity's hypostases in the life of the Christian believers and depicts Jesus Christ the way He appears to the apostles, namely in a full spiritual and material liberty, free of any determination and limitations of time and space.
The BOR Patriarch reminds the Christian Orthodox believers that there are many marvellous, holy and redeeming ways in which Our Lord Jesus Christ presents himself in the Church and partakes of His saving Grace with those who believe in Him and do His will. Jesus the Risen is present in His Church and bestows Himself to the believers listening to His Gospel and fulfilling His Commandments, and Jesus' Presence working within us is particularly felt in through prayers, because this is our response to His call through the word of His Gospel. Therefore, this is why we sing ‘Glory to the Lord,' before and after listening to the Gospel, in church.

Another way of Christ's mysterious presence in the world, after His Resurrection, is His presence and call in and through our fellow people, who need our brotherly presence and help, Patriarch Daniel says. It is within them that Our Lord Jesus Christ waits for us to respond to His generous love and our readiness to become His merciful hands towards our fellow people in need.
'The presence in church of Jesus Christ the Resurrected is a mysterious, spiritual presence that never shocks or forces us physically or morally, because our Lord Jesus Christ respects our freedom of accepting or rejecting Him. Jesus Christ the Resurrected never pushes open the gates of our souls, never annuls our freedom; His way crosses our lives, but He never enters the house of our soul and body, but only if He is willingly welcomed,' says Patriarch Daniel.
The BOR Patriarch concludes his letter by wishing good health, peace and joy on the Christian Orthodox believers, and help from God in doing good, along with the Easter greeting 'Christ is risen!'
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