45-75 percent of ecological agriculture projects financed from European funds

The projects from the ecological agriculture sector will be financially supported in 2008 with 45-75 percent of the project’s eligible value, with the funds being allotted through the National Programme for Rural Development’s Measure 1.2.1. on the modernization of agricultural exploitations, according to figures supplied to Rompres by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).
The financial support is extended for the equipment specific to the ecological agriculture in view to setting up, modernization and adjustment to EU standards of farms and farm processing.
The financial aid for through the Competitive Grants Program (SCG) is allotted through a subcomponent of project called "Modernizing Agricultural Knowledge & Information Systems Project."
"The grants are devoted to projects of applicative research and extension with priority for the applicative research. The value of Competitive Grants Program amounts to 8 million euros and will unfold until 2010," said Teodora Aldescu, adviser at MADR.
The ecologically cultivated land in Romania in 2007 was assessed at 180,000 ha, 11 times higher than in 2000 and up 1.3 percent as against 2006.
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