AmCham mandate is to increase Romanias competitiveness

The US Chamber of Trade in Romania (AmCham) will continue to promote the business opportunities in Romania and will back the increase in competitiveness, said on April 15 the AmCham President Alexandra Gatej in a press conference presenting the Chamber’s goals.
"We want to remain a supporter of the increase of Romania’s economic competitiveness, we want to remain the most dynamic and loud voice of the Romanian business environment," she said.
Gatej said that AmCham’s goals for 2008 are the promotion of interest for the business community in Romania, by ensuring a constant dialogue between authorities and business environment, the creation of a strategic advocacy coalition with the business environment and other similar structures in Romania, the intensification of AmCham’s presence in other economic centers, such as Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi or Constanta, and the improvement in services offered to member companies by extending the organisation’s work agenda with such issues.
"We want to draw up a three-year strategic activity plan for the successors," she said.

Vice President Peter Ruiter said that the organisation wants to increase Romania’s competitiveness globally by boosting the lobby activity.
AmCham Romania is a non-politic and non-profit organization, established in 1993 by US investors in Romania. AmCham is one of the 101 US Chambers of Trade worldwide affiliated to the US Chamber of Trade in Washington and member of the European Council of US Chamber of Trade.
The US Chamber of Trade in Romania has 270 members and has a 8 billion dollar turnover, providing work for 100,000 people, said Alexandra Gatej.
She said that 40 percent of the member companies are located in US and 20 percent in Romania.
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