Avicola Slobozias profit plummets

Avicola Slobozia, a poultry farming and meat processing company, posted revenues worth RON 64.7 million (19 million euros) last year, down 2 percent from 2006, while its net profit fell almost 18 times to RON 146,934, amid higher expenditures, daily Ziarul financiar writes on April 15.

In 2006, the company reported revenues worth RON 66 million (18.7 million euros) and a net profit worth RON 2.68 million. Avicola Slobozia saw a turnover worth 31.5 million-RON (9.4 million euros) in 2007, up 6 percent from 2006, according to preliminary financial data. Expenditures went up 2.8 percent, to RON 64.51 million (19.3 million euros), compared with 62.76 million RON (17.8 million euros) in the year before.
Avicola Slobozia was set up in 1990, as a poultry farm for meat and eggs, and also a fodder producer. Avicola Slobozia owns six farms, an incubation facility, a poultry slaughterhouse, a fodder production facility and three stores (one held by the company and two rented stores), the paper concludes.
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