Bankers increase a lot deposit and savings account interest

More and more local banks offer interests of ten percent for lei deposits for those clients who continue to deposit money in the months after the deposit was made.
BRD pays ten percent annually for 12-month deposits, and 9.5 percent for six month ones.
At ING Bank, the clients who will have in their savings account 1,000 lei more on May 15 than on April 1 will be given 50 lei, along with a 7.5 percent interest, so the total interest will stand at 44 percent annually.
Alpha Bank offers a 10.5 percent annual interest for deposit certificates for six months, issued until May 31. The interest stands at ten percent for three and nine-month deposits.

Supported or not by a strong parent bank, Raiffeisen, Bancpost, Transylvania Bank, UniCredit or Credit Europe Bank launched in the local market savings products with ten percent interest, and Pireus Bank of even 10.5 percent, daily Ziarul Financiar writes.
All these initiatives show a clear need of liquidity, beyond the protection of depositors from a rise in inflation, and of the need to set the interests in line with the rise in interest operated by the central bank.
The central bank warned last week about a possible crisis in liquidity.
First deputy governor of the central bank Florin Georgescu met with the treasurers of several banks and warned them that the liquidity will go down a lot at the end of this month, when companies are expected to pay high sums to the state budget. Georgescu urged banks to buy governmental bonds in order to be able to access one-day Lombard credits.
The warning came after last year “liquidity disappeared all of a sudden”, writes the daily, stressing that “the high rise in interests could again be noticed by foreign players. The Romanian leu currency has already started to appreciate, with the rate of exchange standing at 3.61 lei/euro on Friday, for the first time in the past two months.
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