Bigger sales of pesticides this year

The sales of pesticides will grow this year in Romania, by 10-15% versus 2007 when the relevant market was evaluated at 140 million euro.
The specialists say the low level of this market reflects the farmers’ poverty. The fluctuation of the prices for the farming products also contributes to the decline in the maintenance of the crops.
Dan Farcas, the marketing manager of Aectra Agrochemicals, Romanian farmers would be more willing to invest in protection of cultures if they knew approximately the revenue from the sale of the production. Farcas said that, for instance, a French farmer does on average three preventive treatments for the wheat, while the Romanian one does only one, when the disease has already appeared.

Versus the states in the area, Romania has a low consumption of products for plant protection, says Laurent Perrier, director general of Bayer Romania. He says the lack of the plant protection treatments leads to losses of up to 40% or even the total compromise of the crop.
The local market of plant protection products numbers over 150 distributors, out of which 10 are national companies, with sales representatives in almost each county. There are also some 1,000 retail trade points for the small farmers.
The current year is the first in which Romania will absorb EU funds for the development of agriculture.
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