BNR: There is no risk of recession in Romania

Officials of the Central Bank (BNR) elude the possibility of some major risks in Romania that might trigger recession.
BNR Vice-Governor Cristian Popa on April 17 said "there is no risk of recession" in Romania.
We can have the consequences of international turbulences, economically ungrounded, Popa explained at the conference dubbed Monetary Policy: Evolution and Challenges, staged by the BNR.
Popa explained that the Romanian banking system is not affected by the lack of liquidity, but it feels the external effects.
The effects of the raise in the monetary policy rate reached us sooner than expected, affecting not the loans, but the deposits, which lead to the idea that the financial resources are fewer than before and that commercial banks need to enter competition for domestic resources.
"I believe that for the time being we should not expect pernicious effects of that. At the Central Bank it means the maintaining of a functional and more efficient size of the spread between passive and active interests," Popa said.
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