Classification of Romanian retail banks

The Romanian Savings Bank (CEC) has the best offer of products for individuals, being followed by the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), the largest bank on the market, and by Piraeus, a small bank with aggressive offers, according to a study conducted by Capital weekly magazine, on the banks’ offer of loans and deposits.
According to the study, yesterday’s top banks are today on the last places. Following several years of low market shares, CEC and BCR came up with improved offers for 2008. Nevertheless, BCR counterbalanced the facilities to loans and deposits with repeated increase in the current account commissions, account closing and bill payments.
Other banks followed this recipe as well, but those opting for aggressive price rise found themselves ranking last in the classification of best retail banks.
After giving up hidden commissions and life insurances, compulsory included in the loans, ING Bank increased the commissions to cards and current accounts. Those having the best mortgage offer, it dropped 4 places, to number 13.
Last year’s leader, Volksbank, marked the most spectacular drop in the classification. After having covered a quite consistent market share over the last period, the bank is today one place away from the last position, very close to UniCredit and Raiffeisen.
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