CMU to invest 20 mln euros in aggressive expansion

Medical services provider Centrul Medical Unirea (CMU), which last year entered the portfolio of investment fund 3i, will invest over 20 million euros this year to expand its clinic network, both organically and through acquisitions, the Ziarul financiar daily reports on April 14.
The announced budget can be increased "depending on the opportunities, which may arise." "Whereas in 2007, our investments amounted to just a few millions of euros, this year will be the most aggressive for Centrul Medical Unirea in terms of expansion," said Wargha Enayati, managing director of CMU.
CMU is one of the leading private clinics operators on the local market, with a turnover estimated at over 10 million euros this year, with the company operating 8 centres in Bucharest (CMU Unirea, CMU Enescu, CMU Iride, CMU Arcul de Triumf, CMU Business Park, CMU Charles de Gaulle, CMU Opera Center, CMU Batistei). This year, the company has taken the first step towards expansion outside Bucharest, through an acquisition worth 0.5 million euros in the central Cluj-Napoca city.
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