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ECS Group starts up business in Romania

ECS, a European leader in the areas of corporate information infrastructure management, fully owned by Groupe Societe Generale, is now doing business in Romania as well.
ECS Romania, a joint venture of BRD-Groupe Societe Generale and ECS, is offering for the first time in Romania a comprehensive solution for the outsourcing of corporate information system management.
With a product adjusted to the local realities, Romanian and international companies will be extended in Romania the over 34-year expertise of ECS in the area of computer leasing and management.

ECS is currently managing over 1,000,000 personal computers, 64,000 servers and 400,000 peripherals for more than 12,000 customers from 16 countries, deriving a business turnover in excess of 1.8 billion euro.
"BRD has managed to develop in Romania a financial group able to offer answers to virtually all demands of the customers. The establishment of ECS Romania is part of the business synergy development logic followed by all the companies making up the Societe Generale Group in Romania," says BRD-Groupe Societe Generale President and CEO Patrick Gelin.
"ECS continues its international development on a new market, where there are promising conditions that may favour the activity of the group. Business expansion is part of our global strategy aimed at making available to our business customers all our resources to satisfy both their demands for information equipment leasing and the need for specialist knowledge in this field," says ECS Group President and CEO Jacques Sorrel.

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