Electricite de France wants to enter Romanian energy market

Electricite de France analyses the possibility to develop greenfield projects to produce energy in Romania, said on April 15 the director for development of the company for Eastern and Southeastern Europe Serge Bouvier.
"We are analyzing as of 2007 the possibility of installing wind power stations in Romania, as the country has a great wind potential," said Bouvier, attending in Bucharest a seminar on energy efficiency.
He said that Electricite de France is interested in building a thermo power station on imported coal, but also in taking over a big hydropower station and upgrade it.
"We want to open an office in Romania, but we don’t know when this will happen. We are currently studying the market. We had informal talks with the Romanian authorities, but we haven’t received an answer," said Bouvier, adding that Electricite de France doesn’t have a budget allocated for the future activities in Romania.
The official of the French company said the company could enter the Romanian market though its branch EdF Trading.
"We would have liked to buy an electricity distribution company, but we understood that the Romanian Government wants to include the state owned distribution companies in the national energy company," said Bouvier.
Asked in Electricite de France would like to be part of the national energy company management, Bouvier said it is too early for an answer, but this is a possibility, too.
The French official said the idea of building a new nuclear plant in Romania is good, and Electricite de France will decide if it gets involved in the project depending on the technology used.
Bouvier said the price of electricity in Eastern and Southeastern Europe will go up in the next period, due to the increase in tariffs on the coal and crude oil market.
The French Embassy’s Economic Mission and Ubifrance, in cooperation with the French Agency for Environment and Energy Efficiency – ADEME and the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation organized a conference on Tuesday on energy efficiency.
The debate aims to present the international, European and national programmes and financings, of French-Romanian cooperation actions, as well as the experience, expertise and offer of French companies in energy efficiency.
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