Electronic commerce market estimated at 250 million euro this year

The electronic commerce market is estimated this year at 250 million euro, twice the value of online sales registered in 2007.
Although this market is very low in Romania, estimations are that it will double annually through 2010, when the turnover is expected to reach one billion euro a year.
The major trends in this activity field will be presented at the eighth edition of the conference "e-Business Romania 2008", organized on April 17 in Bucharest by the monthly business, finance and technology magazine e-Finance.
e-business radically changes business relations and processes, making them more easy to manage and facilitating – thanks to the Internet – a faster response to the requirements of the clients and market trends.
The companies seek solutions to adjust to this new concept, which had a particular impact in recent years. Society has incorporated the Internet, which is now the most dynamic business environment, although it was initially created for the exchange of information and email.
e-business is rather a business strategy, with e-commerce at its core.
With rising competition on the market and changes in the consumer’s behavior, who sets his standards ever higher, companies seek new methods and channels to boost sales, and online business has a lot of interesting opportunities to offer. The security of online payments through credit or debit cards, or the combat of fraud by traders, are some of the subjects card issuers and processors of e-payments will discuss at the event.
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