Emerson opens investment worth 120 million euros in Cluj

US company Emerson officially inaugurated on April 14 in Cluj-Napoca (central-western Romania), with the US Ambassador Nicholas Taubman attending the event, its production facility located in the Tetarom II Industrial Park, with the unit having in fact started production a few months ago.
The US company injected approx. 120 million euros in the facility covering 12 ha of land.
The US Ambassador in Romania Nicholas Taubman appreciated in his speech at the inauguration the support offered by the local authorities to the Emerson company, the quality of the employees and also the existing infrastructure in the city, also adding that from this point of view Cluj-Napoca should be taken as a model by the other Romanian cities.

Manager of Emerson Romania Nicolae Banciu said that in the two production halls in Cluj-Napoca there are to be produced gas regulators for both people’s homes and industry and also electronics to be used in explosive environments, equipment and such devices for installations in constructions and also high power generators.
There will be approx. 200 people working at the factory, but with Emerson estimating the number of the employees will reach approx. 500 people next year, following that in the next four years to reach 2,000 people.
Moreover, besides the two production halls already existing and the research centre set up together with the Technical University in Cluj, Emerson aims at building another three production halls in the future, as well as a new research centre, with 400 engineers to work there.
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