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Finance Minister: Including tax disc in fuel price would spark huge outcry

Scrapping the disc tax and introducing it into the fuel price would spark a huge outcry and the supporters of the idea actually play into the hands of the parties that exert political pressure, Minister of Economy and Finance Varujan Vosganian on April 15 told a seminar on energy efficiency.
"Of late we see all kinds of requests occurring in an electoral year, like this one, that the charge by mile on roads be introduced in the fuel price. The government has poor political support in Parliament, and the other parties resort to various schemes, so that there are reasons to regard this protest over the scrapping of the tax disc as political pressure," said the Minister.
He specified that introducing the road tax in the price of fuels would drive the bulk of the population into loss.

"You can imagine what a huge outcry such a measure would spark among car owners who do not drive in town or public transportation passengers," said Vosganian.
The auto transporters rallied in protest on Sunday and Monday, pressing among others for the scrapping of the disc tax, the total removal of traffic restrictions for heavy vehicles, the repeal of the registration tax for Euro 4 and Euro 5-compliant vehicles, transparency in collecting fuel excises and that the employers associations in the transportation sector should see that the money is spent for road construction and maintenance.
In the context, the Transportation Ministry said that scrapping the road tax and introducing it in the price of fuels would significantly rise gas price.
The Economic Mission of the French Embassy in Bucharest and Ubifrance – the French Agency for International Business Development, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency – ADEME and the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation – ARCE organized on Tuesday a colloquium on energy efficiency The event was intended for the presentation of international, European and national programs and financing, of French-Romanian cooperation actions and the experience, expertise and offer of French companies in the energy efficiency sector.

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