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Foreign Direct Investments in Romania, 40 pc rise in first two months

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) rose in the first two months of the year to 1.22 billion euros, 40 percent higher than the level in the same period of 2007 and covered more than half (55.5 percent) of the current account deficit, topping the last year ratio, Romania’s National Bank (BNR) announced on April 15.
At the end of the first two months of last year, Foreign Direct Investments amounted at 870 million euros, covering 42.5 percent of the current account deficit at that time.
Of the overall FDI in Romania, in January and February, capital participations and reinvested profit accounted for almost half (49.2 percent) and intra-group credits for the remainder of 50.8 percent.
From January 2008, FDI advanced in February by 75.25 percent. FDI stood in the first month of this year at 695 million euros, covering to a larger extent (61.2 percent) the current account deficit.
Romania’s medium and long-term foreign debt advanced in the first two months of the year by 1.9 percent from last year-end, up to 38.912 billion euros, following the private sector debt increase, as well as the direct public one, the central bank announced on April 15.
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