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France and Romania share common position on CAP reform

Romania’s position on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform coincides with the one of France in a proportion of 95 percent, stated on April 17 the Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolos, in a press conference, following the talks with president of the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture (APCA) Luc Guyau.
"The only divergences are linked to the subsidies to land and to milk quota. Whereas we wish to maintain subsidies to land, France wants to couple subsidies to the production cycle. As well, we are interested in increasing the milk quota, whereas France does not wish this in order to avoid destabilizing the price", said Ciolos.
He stressed that discussions between the two sides were aimed at an exchange of views on the future of CAP and common points of view of Romania and France.
"Both countries are interested in maintaining an agriculture consistently and steadily financed by CAP, with new instruments linked to the market management adapted to the new problems at the European level. I consider that the EU agricultural potential and especially of the new states must be valued and CAP must come with financial aid to this end", added the Agriculture Minister.

The Romanian official thinks the discussions with APCA representatives are extremely useful, given that France is to take over the EU rotation presidency in the second half of the year.
"We welcome the French delegation’s visit under conditions in which we plan to develop relations at the level of professional organizations, as well as bilateral relations between the two countries in the field of agriculture", Ciolos also said.
The Minister of Agriculture announced that, in the upcoming period, a partnership for the transposition of the decentralized cooperation structure at rural level, existing in France, is to be concluded, in view of providing better organizational structures to the Romanian farmers.
"In the following period, after the local elections, we will organize two conferences, one in France and one in Romania for the mobilization of local authorities at the communes level, especially those who take part in the twinning projects between the two countries and with representatives of the agricultural chambers in France", Minister Ciolos added.
The French delegation, headed by the president of the Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture (APCA), Luc Guyau, visited two farms, vegetable growing and cattle growing – milk production -, and met representatives of the Romanian agricultural producers.

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