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Government streamlines establishment of small businesses

On April 16 the Government adopted an emergency ordinance which encourages small business owners: self-employed persons, family business and individual business, said the government’s spokesperson Camelia Spataru at the end of the Government’s meeting of April 16.
The new provisions streamline the steps due to be taken by the people interested in the settingup and registration of a small business.
"Concurrently with the adoption of the government’s emergency ordinance, the procedure is entirely taken over by the Trade Registry through directors of the trade registry offices with courts, said Camelia Spataru.
The forms of unfolding of economic activities independently stipulated by the law are selfemployed persons (PFA), individual business and family business. Therefore, the natural persons who want to carry out an economic activity in an independent way will enjoy a streamlined settingup and registration procedure with short terms that have already proved their efficiency in the case of legal persons.
The registration certificate containing the unique company registration number becomes the document that certifies the registration with the trade registry, the authorisation of functioning, and the registration by the competent fiscal authorities. The deadline for the issuing of the document is of three working days after the submission of the complete documents.
According to the new draft law, all three categories: self-employed persons, individual business and family business can be registered online.
An important provision referring to the social protection is that the authorised natural person, the owner of a family business or of an individual business is included in the public pension system and is entitled to other rights of social insurance, to social health insurance and unemployment insurance, said Camelia Spataru.
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