Manpower: At least 10 Romanian cities attractive on job market

There are in Romania at least 10 cities that offer real employment opportunities at this moment, says Camelia Stanculescu, managing director of Manpower Romania, one of the top-three human resources companies in the local market, in an interview carried by the Business Standard daily on April 14.
The Romanian employers have intense recruitment plans in most areas across Romania, i.e. not only in two or three cities, as it happened several years ago, Stanculescu stressed.
She said that things have begun to balance by areas in Romania and that now one can no longer talk of the most-attractive five cities. One should be able to talk of all the county cities in future, she added.
The Manpower head said the northern area of the historical region of Moldavia (northeastern Romania) shows positive employment percentage, at 21 percent, though it has not attracted enough investors.
The Romanian society, last year, placed 5,000 people for temporary work services and it has some 2,000 employed people at present. Manpower company forged some 2,000 recruitmentrelated contracts last year.
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