Motorcycle market will increase this year by 35-50 percent

The motorcycle market will increase this year by 35-50 percent as against 3,141 units reported last year, importers estimate, stressing that some of the reasons for the growth are streamlined procedures for loans, population’s higher wages and busy traffic in big cities.
Last year, the demands for all the types of motorcycles grew almost 80 percent over 2006, according to figures of the Association of Car Producers and Importers Car (APIA).
Last year, the best-selling motorcycles, scooters and motor bicycles, were from Peugeot –1,227 units, up 182.7 percent as against 2006.
Also sold in 2007 were 458 Yamaha units (up 78.9), 255 Suzuki units (up 86.1 percent), 254 Aprilia units (up 46 percent) and 253 Honda units (69.8 percent).
Importers say they intend to set up their own association, according to APIA model, due to contribute to the development of the sector and defend their interests.
According to importers’ representatives, young people aged between 25 and 30 years old focus on the super sport segment of motorcycles, the people aged over 30 years with stable revenues prefer naked and touring models, whereas customers aged over 40 prefer choppers or a touring motorcycle.

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