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Orange Romania plans to open 100 own shops in 2008

Orange Romania mobile communications operator is planning to increase its own GSM retail trading network by some 42 percent, from 71 to 100 outlets.
"Our current network is made up of approximately 1,000 shops, both our own and owned by business partners that sell Orange products, and I believe we have the largest distribution network in Romania of all the mobile operators in Romania," Orange Romania CEO Richard Moat told daily Business Standard on April 18.
Orange Romania has entered partnerships with large local distribution networks, including Fonomat, Euro-GSM and Say that are covering a large part of Romania’s territory.

According to the paper, Vodafone Romania, a local rival of Orange Romania, has 223 ownbranded shops following the take over of a 66 percent stake in Proton Radauti mobile distributor.
Following this deal, Proton Technologies SRL will become exclusive distributor of Vodafone products and services after a re-branding of its own shops, which will take some weeks to complete starting from March 31, when the agreement with Orange was concluded.
The Proton distribution network is made up of 73 shops, most of them located in the counties of Suceava, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, and Bucharest City.
Cosmote Romania mobile operator is the owner of GSM Germanos network of GSM products and services, with 215 shops. Germanos officials estimate a rise of at least 30 percent in he number of the company’s shops.

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