Over 281,000 domain names .ro registered by March

The number of national Internet domains .ro reached 281,569 at the end of March 2008, The National Computers Network, administrator of domain names .ro, informed Rompres.
"As many as 74, 359 .ro domains were registered in 2007, compared to 54,090 in 2006. We estimate some 100,000 domain names will be registered this year," said researcher Eugenie Staicut, representative of the National Computers Network.
The owners of .ro domains are economic agents (76 percent) and physical persons (21 percent).
Schools, bookshops, museums and NGOs own 2 percent and the public administration only 1 percent.
Although the registration of domain names reported a significant increase, Romania is still behind European states.
Germany is leader with 11.87 domain names, followed by England with 6.56 million and the Netherlands with 2.78 million. Among the EU 2004 wave, Poland has 888, 883, Hungary 350,000 and the Czech Republic 394, 798 domain names.
Romania has more domain names than Finland, owning 172,028, Greece, 140,162 and Portugal with 198, 560.
The United States has only 1.39 million national domains, Japan has 996,170 and Canada 976,891.
The National Computers Network informed that 2.8 million .eu domains are registered, 73.56 million .com domains, 10.98 million .net domains, 6.5 million .org domains, 4.96 million .info domains and 1.93 million .biz domains.
The National Computers Network is administered by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics.
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