Raiffeisen Investment: Romania remains interesting market for mergers and acquisitions

Romania remains an interesting market for mergers and acquisitions this year despite financial turmoil abroad, stated Martin Schwedler, member of the managing board of investment bank Raifeisen Investment.
Raiffeisen Investment Romania was involved in the biggest transactions finalized last year, locally, as well as in the takeover of medicine producer LaborMed and of the insurance company Asiban.
The investment bank representatives, active for ten years on the domestic market, forecast on April 15 a further growth of the mergers and acquisitions market (M&A).

Schwedler maintains that international turmoil will have an impact upon the region just in case of mega transactions (beyond one billion euros), whereas in Romania the typical market is the one of medium-sized companies.
In Romania, the value of mergers and acquisitions attained last year the level of 8.4 billion dollars (6.5 billion euros), with 125 finalized transactions and an average value per transaction of 52 million euros, 18 percent higher than the previous year, according to Raiffeisen data.
Financial investors poured 28 times more funds in Romania as against 2006, up to 2.4 billion euros. According to the Top Transactions Yearbook, published by Ziarul financiar daily, last year a number of such deals were concluded in Romania, in the value of 6.5 billion euros.
Raiffeisen Investment competition on the domestic market is represented by the consultancy departments for mergers and acquisitions of giants as Big Four, as well as by independent firms Capital Partners, Altria Capital or BAC.
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