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Romania exports organic products, 65 mln euros worth, in 2007

Romania exported last year approximately 80,000 tonnes of organic products, in the value of 65 million euros, Teodora Aldescu, adviser for organic agriculture with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), told Rompres.
"Preliminary data shows that in 2007 some 80,000 tonnes of organic products were exported, in the value of almost 65 million euros, accounting for a rise of some 20 percent as against 2006", said Aldescu.
MADR counselor mentioned that the main exported products in 2007 were cereals, oleaginous and protean, fruits of the forest, mushrooms, as well as processed milk products, honey, derived products and sunflower oil.
"Romanian organic products are sold in the European Union countries, especially in Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, The Netherlands and France", pointed out Teodora Aldescu.
On the other hand, Romania imported last year organic products of some 3 million euros, one million euros more than in 2006, mainly brown sugar cane, coffee, chocolate, soy soft drinks and fruit juice.
According to the data provided by MADR adviser, the overall organic production in 2007 stood at some 200,000 tonnes, up by some 13 percent from 2000. "The assortment of processed products diversified as compared to the previous years because soy processed products were also obtained (milk and tofu), various bread assortment, pasta, rice processed products, cereal flakes, herbal and forest flower plants tea, apple juice and beekeeping products, such as wax or pollen", explained adviser Teodora Aldescu.
As well, in the past years we have witnessed an increase of the milk processed products and the doubling of organic honey production, to 1,242 tonnes, in 2006, as against just 610 tonnes the previous year.
Land surfaces organically cultivated in Romania, in 2007, were evaluated at 180,000 hectares, 11 times more than in 2000 and up by 1.3 percent from 2006.
According to MADR, the main organic crops are those obtained on pastures and fodder plants, oleaginous and protean, spontaneous flora collection (forest fruits and mushrooms), cereals, vegetables, fruits, grape vines. Organically bred cattle stood at 10,500 milk cows, 96,200 – sheep and goats and 6,300 egg-laying hens.
Last year, a number of 3,835 organic farmers were registered with MADR from 3,409 in 2006.
The number of organic products processors rose to 48 operators, in 2007. Currently, at the national level, more than 70 organizations of producers are registered in all organic agriculture sectors.
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