Romanian automotive industrys output to triple on Dacia business expansion and Ford starting up business in Craiova

The business expansion plans of the Automobile Dacia Romanian automotive maker reading an annual output of 400,000 manufactured units in 2009, coupled with the intentions of Ford Europe to increase its output at the Craiova factory to some 300,000 units a year in 2012 should bring about a tripling of the total output of Romania’s automotive industry.
In 2007, 241,712 cars were manufactured in Romania, up 13.2 percent year-on-year. Of these, a little more than 234,000 were passenger cars, while light vehicles, all Dacia Logan vans, accounted for 7,444 units.
As of February 2008, the output of the Dacia factory reached 61.3 automobiles an hour, which means hat one new car gets out of the factory’s gates every 52 seconds.
Dacia, controlled by French Renault group, is planning to bring its daily production up to 1,300 cars, 690 of which would be Logan sedans, 560 Logan MVCs and 50 Logan vans.
According to Dacia officials, the factory assembled 222,914 motor vehicles in 2007, but in 2008 the number will increase to 320,000.

Renault’s plans for 2009 provides for an output of 400,000 automobiles.
In its turn, Ford intends to start off the manufacturing in Romania of its Transit Connect utility vehicles, currently manufactured in Turkey, and reach a maximum capacity of 300,000 units in 2010.
As from mid-2010, Ford also intends to start production in Romania of a small class automobile to be traded locally and exported elsewhere in Europe.
Dacia and Ford will manufacture over 700,000 cars together in Romania in 2012, a similar level to Poland’s output in 2007.
Should Mercedes-Benz decide to build a new car plant with a production capacity of 350,000 units in Romania to assemble the next generation of A and B-Klasse models, after 2012 Romania may produce over a million cars per year.
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