Romanian SAS Group to extend to six European countries in 2008

SAS Group, the leader of the Romanian market of GPS vehicle tracking system, announced on April 14 the launch of its operations on the Slovakian market too, through the setting up in Bratislava of a joint-venture with a local partner, with both shareholders to hold equal shares in the newly established entity.
"Late in March this year, we have started the implementation of GPS vehicle tracking systems in Slovakia, following that, starting with September 2008, to launch our operations on at least five other European markets: Germany, Spain, Croatia, Serbia and Austria," the general manager of the SAS Group Adrian Dinu said.
"The year 2008 is to bring to the SAS Group the consolidation of its position as the leader of the domestic market, with the company having the largest number of clients on the market – more than 100 companies – and also the largest number of GPS systems mounted on the vehicles (more than 4,000 such systems), as well as the emergence on other European markets too. The expansion programme is to continue also in 2009, when we intend to cover most of the European countries, as well as to enter the US relevant market," Adrian Dinu also said.
The SAS Group recorded in 2007 an increase in the turnover by 282 percent on the previous year, reaching thus to 4.018 million lei. The growth allowed the company recover the losses in the previous years, caused by the investments carried for five years in technology and development by the company of the software devoted to the tracking of the car fleets. SAS Grip hit 250,000 lei in profit last year.
According to the company’ estimates, the GPS systems market is to boom in 2009, with the market to become mature and with 50 percent of the commercial car fleets to be already equipped, that is a growth by some 300 percent per year till 2011.
"We carried out extensive market surveys in the European states and we found out thus the market in Slovakia represented the best opportunity for our business and that’s why we had selected it as the first market where to launch outside Romania our products. The other EU states in our target were selected mainly due to the fact the GPS vehicle tracking systems market hasn’t’ reach maturity there yet; moreover, our technology and the software we developed are superior to those in the abovementioned states, with the quality-price report being invincible in our case," the SAS Grup general manager said.
The SAS Group company, set up in 2002, is developing and implementing integrated vehicle tracking and monitoring systems via satellite, as well as the development of software programmes in the field. Five years ago, the company introduced on the Romanian market the professional vehicle tracking and monitoring via satellite systems, that is the professional tracking and monitoring solution AVL- Automatic Vehicle Location (in Romania the AVL solution being more known as the "GPS system").
In partnership with the Wizrom Software, the SAS Group has also developed an integrated system to establish the best routes for certain vehicles and also the deviations of such vehicles from the route, in the case of planned/pre-calculated routes. The system establishing the route was established by the Wizrom Software allows the automation of the distribution or deliveries, as well as the establishment of the best routes for the different vehicles of the car fleet to follow.
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