Rompetrol sees business opportunities in Serbia and Ukraine

While France is already a market for Rompetrol, the company wants to enter the Serbian and Ukrainian markets.
Rompetrol currently owns two fuel stations on the French motorways opened in May 2007, and wants to invest 115 million euros for the extension of the network over the next three years in France, daily Ziarul Financiar informs.
The company announced last years its intention to enter the Ukrainian market through 200 franchises and the Serbian market though 50 franchises.
"Nothing happened in Serbia last year because of the political situation there. We decided to established a juridical entity there to monitor the Serbian market," said Eric Kish, senior Vice President of Rompetrol retail division.

He said that wholesale business in Ukraine went very well, but the entrance on the fuel station sector was impossible because of the high costs.
"We had an extremely good year in Ukraine and we succeeded to become the largest importer of Euro 4 fuel locally. We exceeded our expectations by 100 percent, especially due to the context.
Ukraine sells in general very poor fuel, while the Ukrainian’s cars are more and more expensive. We can say we were at the right place at the right moment. We haven’s entered the fuel station sector because of the high costs involved. A fuel station in Ukraine costs twice compared to other markets and we have decided to wait for a better moment," said Kish.
The paper informs that Rompetrol will reveal its development plans after drawing up a five-year plan together with its major shareholder, KazMunaiGaz state company of Kazakhstan.
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