Schengen information system debated by Justice and Home Affairs Council

The stage of implementation of the Schengen Information System and the return home of the citizens of third countries who were found to illegally stay in the EU member states will be debated at a meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, due April 17-18, in Luxembourg, says a press release of the Romanian Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform (MIRA).
From MIRA, participating in the meeting will be head of the Schengen Department Vasile Gabriel Nita and head of the European Affairs and International Relations General Directorate Corneliu Alexandru, as well as experts of the Office of the European Commission in Bucharest.

The meeting is to set clear and transparent rules regarding the return home of the citizens of third countries who do not meet the requirements for stay in the member countries and the use of coercion, with the observance of the basic human rights, the press release says.
At the meeting, the participants will discuss the Plan of the European Union for increase in safety when it comes to explosives, and the opening of negotiations for the conclusion of an agreement between the European Union and the United States regarding the entry into the US, the Visa Waiver.
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